Dessert FAQ


Do you do mini desserts?
We do customized mini dessert buffets. Minimum 100 people, cost ranges from $7-$10 per person.

How far ahead do you need to order a pie or specialty dessert?
We need 24 hours notice for a pie
We need 3-5 days notice for a specialty dessert
We need 48 hours for cake pops

Do you do decorated sugar cookies?
Yes, a large sugar cookie shape decorated in royal icing starts around $3.00 each, some decoration may be an additional charge.

Are all your pies offered year round?
Yes, however, some may be unavailable due to fruit availability and price.

How do I store my pie, cookies, bars, or specialty dessert?
Pies- keep your pie on the counter out of the sun, do not refrigerate
Cookies- keep your cookies in a cool spot on the counter, out of the sun
Bars- keep your bars refrigerated until you are ready to use them
Specialty desserts- keep your dessert refrigerated until ready to use