Bakery FAQ


Do you keep cakes on hand?

No, we bake all of them fresh to order, they are tastier that way!

What bakery items can I find if I just walk in?

We offer a wide variety of baked goods in our cases.  We always offer a variety of cookies, bars and cupcakes.  We also may have a selection of petit fors, cake pops, donuts and muffins, but some of these items sell out quickly.

Do you do cakes for people with nut, milk, or gluten allergies?

Nut Allergies-  While many of our products do not contain nuts, all of our baked goods are made on the premises in the same kitchen, and so may have been in contact with nuts.

Gluten free or dairy free products- we do offer gluten-free cakes and cupcakes, most of our cakes can be made dairy free as well.

What is the best way to store my cake until my event?

The best way to keep a cake frosted in buttercream fresh is to refrigerate it.  If you do not have refrigerator space, and you are going to be serving the cake the same day, the cake will be fine in a cool spot (out of the sun) such as your basement or garage.

How do I store my pie, cookies, bars, or specialty dessert?

Pies- keep your pie on the counter out of the sun, do not refrigerate

Cookies- keep your cookies in a cool spot on the counter, out of the sun

Bars- keep your bars refrigerated until you are ready to use them

Specialty desserts- keep your dessert refrigerated until ready to use